New RE Consultation with Dr Jeff Wang from SIRM NY

Today I went to a consultation with my new RE, Dr Jeff Wang from SIRM NY.  He is my 3rd RE already.  I really pray that 3rd time is the chime, and God will use Dr Wang to help us to achieve our dream like… NOW!!!  

I guess Dr Wang and Dr T (also from SIRM-NY) are very famous.  I have heard, and also read from different TTC forums that a lot of ladies who have DOR issue have successful cycles with Dr Wang.  Plus, they all think that he’s the nicest and most attentive doctor in the world.  After hearing a lot of the positive feedbacks, I decided to go with Dr Wang.  I called to make an appointment back in the beginning of January, 2015, and I have waited 3 months to finally get to meet Dr Wang.  (For couples are who considering going for Dr Wang, he’ll be moving to the SIRM’s new clinic in CT starting mid June.)

My first impression of Dr Wang.. he’s a very gentle guy, and greeted us with a friendly smile, and the way he talked to us like he’s chatting with his friends, very genuine and sincere.  Not only I felt that way, even my hubby, who didn’t “get brainwashed” by the TTC forums also felt it that way.  So of course we asked tons of questions, and he explained and answered our questions very patiently.  Luckily, I went in on the earlier part my cycle (CD8), so Dr Wang said that I can start estrogen priming this cycle.  At the end of the consultation, he told me to email him when I get a positive on my OPK, so we can start the estrogen priming.  I was shocked!!!  I was like.. are you serious?????? Emailed you???? Not to call your office, or the nurse?????  Super impressed already!  

Dr Wang recommended me to do the Endometrial Function Test (EFT).  It costs ~$600 + $50 shipping and handling fee.  The reason why he recommended me to do this test is because of my history of endometriosis.  He worries that even I get great quality embryos(es), but if I have problems with my endometrial tissues, it will affect the implantation of the embryos.   So hubby and I decided to do the test, while it doesn’t conflict with the estrogen priming.  

So now, I’m just waiting for my positive OPK…